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Application of brazilian keratin

Application is easy and timesaving – it saves your hair care time for a number of following months.

When is the application of Brazilian Keratin recommended?

  • together with hair coloration (best way) – if not than at least 3 weeks before hair coloration
  • not before hair extension (we recommend a consultation with a specialist in a hairdressing salon in order not to damage the keratin joints)

What do you need for the application of Brazilian Keratin?

Equipment for application of brazilian keratin
  • clarifying shampoo
  • Global Keratin
  • professional Iron (preferably 230 °C)
  • hairdryer
  • gloves
  • spray with water
  • bowl
  • brush
  • comb
  • jumbo comb

How to apply Brazilian Keratin?

  1. Wash the hair with the clarifying shampoo; let it work on for a while.
  2. Leave the hair dry up or slightly dry with the hairdryer.
  3. Prepare the Global Keratin and the water spray and keep dampening the hair when applying the Global Keratin on the locks of hair. This means damp, apply with the brush one layer of Global Keratin and comb the lock thoroughly. Attention: Do not apply Global Keratin directly at the head.
  4. Blow-dry the hair thoroughly with a Jumbo comb.
  5. Iron the hair precisely one lock after another into the preferred hairstyle. It is recommended to iron up to ten times.

How long does the application of Global Keratin take?

The total application time of Global Keratin is 1,5 - 4 hours, depending on the hair length and strength.

How often is recommended to apply Brazilian Keratin?

Ideally after 3-4 months, which means 3 - 4 times a year, nevertheless it is possible to apply even more often, for example once a month. Repeated application enhances the hair quality; the hair stops breaking and grows faster.

How should I treat the hair after the application of Brazilian Keratin?

The first hair washing is recommended at least 3 days after application. Do not damp the hair 3 days after application in any ways (e.g. in a swimming pool or a sea). If you hair gets drenched in the first 3 days after application, blow them dry as soon as possible.

We recommend using the shampoo and conditioner Global Keratin, which do not contain sodium chloride and are developed for Brazilian Keratin treated hair.

Styling products (hairsprays, gels, rubbers, clips, etc.) are recommended first after the first hair wash, this means first after 3 days. Until that time leave the hair naturally, free, do not style them, do not shape them, do not clip them, do not use any hair products.